Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020

7pm Zoom Meeting

18 members present   

  1. Election of Officers
    1. President Dana Meier turned the meeting over to Lisa Parks to conduct the election of officers nominated for 2020-21. Lisa read each name and asked if anyone else had a nomination for each office. Participants voted by raising a hand on the zoom call.
    1. The vote:
      1. Treasurer, Jim Martin. Vote: 18 aye, 0 nay
      1. Secretary, Chris Gierer. Vote: 18 aye, 0 nay
      1. Vice President, Ryan King. Vote: 18 aye, 0 nay
      1. President, Dana Meier. Vote: 18 aye, 0 nay
    1. Dana said at the next board meeting, we will discuss committee chair positions for the upcoming year.
  • Community Garden Successes
  • Ryan said we had hoped to have people who grew gardens this year talk about their experiences, but none were available. Several people on the call reported on their experiences:
    • Kelley Martin: Even more than growing food, she enjoyed being able to meet a lot of new people. She considers the garden a success beyond its original purpose.
    • Dana agreed.
    • What worked for people
      • Eggplant
      • Zucchini early on, but several people had problems with squash bugs
      • Lots of tomatoes
      • Lots of peppers 
      • 80-90 pounds of sweet potatoes
    • Ryan said if people plan to keep their same plots, they are welcome to plant winter crops
    • Linda said it might be a good idea to label each garden; if a plot owner travels or has an over-abundance of food, others could tend or pick
    • Linda said excess food this year went to Citizens of the World School, then to Jewish Family Services, and at the end to the Heart of America Indian Center.
      • Jason Swartley of the Indian Center said their clients appreciated getting the excess produce. He said they would be happy to accept food next year. They distribute food five days a week by appointment only. Right now, they serve 60 families a week. Beginning of the week is the best time to receive produce. 
  • The Indian Center
  • Has been around since 1971 as a cultural center. Provides Indian health services, substance abuse services, a case worker, food pantry, cultural nights once a month (potlucks, dancing, music)
  • Have volunteer opportunities, but not so much during COVID
  • Food pantry serves anyone, not just native people
  • We asked how we could help them. Jason said the garden is a great start.
  • They also accept donations, especially need canned goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies.
  • Update on neighborhood priorities survey
  • Kelley Martin has volunteered to design a survey of residents. She said tonight she was just listening for ideas about questions she might ask. 
  • Halloween
  • Several residents said they plan to have their lights on, especially early in the evening, and want to welcome neighborhood kids
  • It was suggested that Valentine residents put a pumpkin in their window to make the day more festive during COVID 

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