Give your input: Development Issues Meeting July 22, 2020

The Valentine Development committee has scheduled a virtual meeting for Wednesday, July 22 at 7 p.m. This meeting, originally planned for earlier this year, is an opportunity for residents of the neighborhood to update the priorities the we set at a workshop in 2015. The development committee and the VNA board represents the interests of the neighborhood on a number of different levels, and we believe it is important to ensure that we are accurately reflecting the preferences of the neighborhood when we talk with public officials, developers and others.

Agenda for Meeting

  • Overview of current issues
    • The city’s planning and zoning expectations: We will briefly review the Midtown Plaza Area Plan, which is the official city document meant to guide future development and redevelopment in Valentine. It was created with input from Valentine representatives and defines areas that should continue to be designated as single family as well as commercial corridors. Valentine is in the North West sub area which is detailed on pages 106-113. It may be helpful to refer to the maps in this document to prepare for our discussion.
    • The Westport Plan: This 2018 plan is intended to be the city’s vision for how Westport will develop and redevelop, including the section of Valentine between 38th and 40th Streets from Broadway to Southwest Trafficway. It included tools to protect the single family homes in this area, as well as defining the type of commercial development should occur and where it will be allowed. This plan also suggests creating a historic district in the south part of Valentine to protect the single-family homes there. 
    • Status of the historic survey of Valentine 
  • What Valentine residents said they wanted to see in 2015. 
  • Discussion among residents about 2015 priorities
    • What is still valid
    • What needs to be changed
    • Where should we focus our attention in the short term
    • What should be longer-term priorities

Details of the meeting

The meeting will be held via zoom. How to join the zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 369 551 3410Password: Bway2SWT

Since this is a new form of communicating that is a little new to most of us, we suggest you test your video and audio capabilities before the meeting. We would ask participants to accept the following ground rules for the discussion:

Meeting Ground Rules

  1. Try to attend the meeting from a room that is quiet and will have minimal distractions. 
  2. When you are not speaking, please mute your microphone. We may mute all microphones as the meeting begins, but there will be plenty of time for participants to speak unmuted. 
  3. Please respect the tight time schedule and keep your comments to less than one minute. We have agreed to keep this meeting to one hour, which means everyone who speaks will need to make their points as quickly as possible. There will be an opportunity to introduce yourself and your interest in development issues in Valentine at the beginning of the meeting, but please keep your comments to 30 seconds to allow everyone to have time to speak. There will also be a group discussion at the end of the meeting. We will not take questions until then in order to keep the meeting moving, but you can post questions in the comment section and we will answer them either during the meeting or afterwards. We apologize in advance if we need to interrupt someone to move the meeting along.

We will offer other opportunities for offering your input, so please be aware that this meeting is only the first chance to give input and will not be your only chance. Our goal is to make sure everyone’s opinions and ideas can be heard, and that we can find a way to come to consensus as a neighborhood. If there is not time to accomplish this at this meeting, we will discuss at the end of the meeting how to move forward with additional meetings, committees or on-line discussion groups. 

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