Dixon’s Store

KC Times, June 21, 1945

Edward Dixon, 74 years old, sat in the back room of his store building at 4056 Pennsylvania in what was once the heart of old Westport and looked back through the dixonstoreJune sunlight to the days of his boyhood. He was born in another house on the same plot of ground when Westport was still a town separate from Kansas City, with its own mayor, city council, school system and peace officers.The thing that impresses you the most, listening to Mr. Dixon, is how fast the world has changed in Westport in one man’s lifetime; what a simple, pastoral world it used to be, and how completely that world of yesterday has vanished like a morning mist in the fierce sun of industrial growth and new inventions.Perhaps it was because it was spring, one of those warm days when the thoughts of country boys and small town boys turn to going swimming and how cold the creek really is, that Mr. Dixon’s memory turned to the old fairgrounds, and the deep pond around which the race track ran.

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