For members

The Valentine Neighborhood Association (VNA) is a voluntary association of Valentine residents, businesses and friends.

 Your dues help us to pay for our activities. Some of our current activities, supported by your membership, include:

  • Sponsoring a variety of social events such as the Valentine’s Day party,  a progressive dinner, the Fourth of July parade and party, Christmas Luminaria and the Holiday Party and other events
  • Representing the interests of Valentine before the city and state government, in Kansas City neighborhood organizations, and other relevant venues
  • Working on crime reduction with the Kansas City Police Department, Broadway Westport Council and other groups
  • Representing Valentine neighbors while dealing with area businesses
  • Writing and distributing an email newsletter and printed newsletters
  • Creating and updating this website
  • Supporting other area organizations

Valentine Neighborhood Association

Promoting Our Neighborhood Through Advocacy, Safety Initiatives and Community Events.