Joining the VNA

Membership Dues

Your dues help support VNA initiatives that create community, keep residents informed, and initiate neighborhood improvement projects. Members also receive access to the bi-annual neighborhood dumpsters.
  • Annual Dues: $30.00
  • VNA Business Membership: $55.00
 Your dues help us to pay for our activities. Some of our current activities, supported by your membership, include:
  • Sponsoring a variety of social events such as the Valentine’s Day party,  a progressive dinner, the Fourth of July parade and party, Christmas Luminaria and the Holiday Party and other events
  • Representing the interests of Valentine before the city and state government, in Kansas City neighborhood organizations, and other relevant venues
  • Working on crime reduction with the Kansas City Police Department, Broadway Westport Council and other groups
  • Representing Valentine neighbors while dealing with area businesses
  • Writing and distributing an email newsletter and printed newsletters
  • Creating and updating this website
  • Supporting other area organizations

Your dues will help us be more effective in our work. Please join VNA today.

The Valentine Neighborhood Association is a 501 (c) (3) exempt organization. This means donations, including voluntary dues, are tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor. Click here for the IRS Letter of Designation.

Renters: Renters are an integral part of our neighborhood and provide a valuable asset in promoting safety and community. We encourage renters in our neighborhood to join our email list and attend meetings.

Newsletter delivery: To save money and trees, Valentine has a paperless newsletter system. That means it’s important for us to have your email address so we can keep you up to date with news, safety information and important announcements.

Dues can be paid anytime, but we consider February 14th, Valentine’s Day, as “the due date.” If you are or have been a member previously, please pay the invoice you should receive in February. You can send in your dues by mail or online. If you have any questions, please contact us​.

Pay online:

If you have never been a member, follow this link to our Square Market and place an order for “Annual Membership Dues” by clicking on the green icon. Be sure to include your address. New member payments paid before Thanksgiving will be applied to the current year. Those paid after Thanksgiving will be applied to the next year.

We will add you to our email list using the information provided with the new membership or you can add yourself to the list here.

Valentine Neighborhood Association

Promoting Our Neighborhood Through Advocacy, Safety Initiatives and Community Events.