The Love Award

luvawrd1The Love Award is presented each year by the VNA Board to someone who has made a significant contribution to the Valentine Neighborhood and to our neighbors. It was officially designated in 1999 as “The Ann Dugan Love Award” in honor of Ann Dugan, an active mother and neighbor who died of cancer.

From 1997 – 2008, two awards were presented each year, one to a neighbor and the other to someone outside the neighborhood. The award used to be presented at the Valentine Neighborhood Festival in August. It is now presented at the annual Valentine’s Day party.

This award has been a tradition in Valentine since 1984 when it was awarded to Maxey Dupree, a crossing guard at Southwest Trafficway and 33rd, who would smile and wave to all the drivers. If anyone has more information or corrections, please contact us.

Recipients of the Valentine Love Award

2024 Stan Henry
2023 Katheryn Shields
2022 Ryan and Cecilia King
2021 Cassandra Marshall
2020 Browne’s Irish Marketplace
2019 Del Hedgepath
2018 (none)
2017 Linda McCurry
2016 Kelley Martin
2015 Midtown Community School Initiative
2014 Kristin and Jacob Littrell
2013 Master Patrol Officer James Schriever, KCPD
2012 Jan Tice
2011 Linda McCurry
2010 Craig Gibbs and Jackie Freeland
2009 Pam Hoelzel
2008 Leslie Caplan
Susan Borge, Council Aid
2007 Jackie Houk
Jim Glover, Councilman
2006 Jean Laturin
Dana Laiben, Council Aid
2005 Friends of Summer Ship
Central Patrol Division
2004 Mary Jo Draper
Judy Hadley, Regulated Industries
2003 Don Haring
Gary “Don” Donovan, Mail carrier
2002 Chris Jordan
Major Jan Zimmerman, KCPD
2001 Aggie Cigas
Scott Burnett, Legislator
2000 Laura Wesche
Mimi Moffat, Attorney
1999 Dugan Family
Jim Glover, Councilman
1998 Carothers Family
Roanoke Neighborhood
1997 Denny Houk
Steve and Rob Metzler
1996 Mike Jones
1995 Kate Duffy
1994 Kathy Linder
1993 Jim Martin
1992 Tom and Pat Finn
1991 Joe and Aggie Cigas
1990 Dixie Harper
1989 Sisters Berta Sailer and Corita Bussanmas, St. Vincent’s Child Care
1988 Bob Magaha
1987 Keith Manion
1986 Benny Pool
1985 ?
1984 Maxey Dupree

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