Safety text teams

VNA’s safety committee is undertaking a new block watch program to allow nearby neighbors to connect and communicate about crime, safety, and other issues. 

We’re trying to use common technology to update our block watch program. In the past, we divided the neighborhood up into blocks and assigned a block leader to each. When there was a break-in, suspicious activity, or some other way the block needed to be connected, the bock leader would call everyone on the block who had signed up.

We are now proposing to change this over to a text-based messaging system. To do so, we need to form “safety text teams” for each area of Valentine and find a coordinator for each team. 

Once teams are formed you and those in your area can update each other via text.  In addition, a safety text team leader can pass along info to other teams if necessary and your safety text team leader will relay info from other teams to you.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Some areas of Valentine have already created a text list that lets neighbors communicate with one another. If your area has done so, please let us know so we can add your area to our map and help connect you to nearby blocks.
  • Use the form below to sign up for the safety text teams. 
  • If you are willing to be the text team coordinator for your block, please indicate that. 
  • Watch this page for more details on the formation of text teams and how to utilize them.

Want to join? Please complete the form located at the link below:

Valentine Neighborhood Association

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