Did you get an invoice?

Starting in 2021, the Valentine Neighborhood Association (VNA) sends invoices for our annual voluntary dues. The dues are $30 per household. In the past, the collection of dues had been haphazard. Neighbors were often confused as to whether or not they had paid their dues. There was no easy way to find out. Invoicing is an effort to change that.

Sample Invoice
This is a sample of how the invoice might appear.

Dues are due on Valentine’s Day (February 14) each year. Invoicing is a technology provided by Square (https://squareup.com/us/en) to send an email invoice to those for whom we have email addresses. This email invoice provides the opportunity to pay your dues with the click of a button contained within the email invoice. You can also have Square keep your credit card on file and automatically pay your dues each year if you want. All credit card information is handled by Square, so nobody in the VNA has access to your credit data. All we see are the brand of credit card and the last four digits of the credit card number. We have been using Square for several years to manage our online store and to be able to use credit cards for paying dues.

We intend to send the invoices every year on February 7, with a due date of February 14. If the dues are not paid by then, we will send one reminder on February 15. No more emails regarding dues will be sent after that until the next year.

The annual dues are only $30 per household. A household (single address) may receive multiple invoices if we have multiple email addresses. You can manage this using the email preferences. See Setting Email Profile and Preferences for details. You can also email us at [email protected]. Please feel free to let us know about any missing or incorrect information so we can update our records.

We don’t want to be intrusive. Our goal is to get these to the neighbors who will appreciate them. You can stop the invoices by setting your email preferences as described above. As mentioned, dues are strictly voluntary. The VNA works for all of Valentine regardless of whether you are a member or not. You will still receive emails and newsletters if you signed up for them, regardless of your membership status.

Paying dues with the invoice is our preferred method of dues payment. We will still accept memberships through the VNA website store, at events, and by check, but the invoicing will hopefully be the easiest and most straightforward.

We realize that there are some neighbors who may be wary of credit cards or online transactions. The invoice will also provide an address where you can mail a check if you prefer.

Once we have received your dues we will update your household address on our membership page (VNA Members) with the new expiration date. If you don’t see your address with the correct expiration date by the end of February, please contact us.

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