Guidelines for candidates

The Valentine Neighborhood Association meets generally on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. According to our bylaws, the VNA shall not endorse or solicit on behalf of the candidates for public office. However, it is part of VNA’s mission to inform and educate its members about candidates for public office and to offer candidates a fair and balanced opportunity to speak to our members about their candidacy. 

Political candidates may be invited to speak at general membership meetings following the procedures established by the board of directors to maintain fairness to all candidates. 

  • Candidates may request time on the VNA agenda up to one year before the election on which they will be on the ballot. Requests can be made by email to [email protected]
  • Candidates may request time on the VNA agenda only once during the 12 months before they plan to be on the ballot. In case of unusual circumstances, such as important issues that arise late in the campaign or other important changes, the VNA board may agree to allow candidates additional time before the membership. 
  • Candidates will be given 10 minutes on the agenda. Our suggested format for candidates is:
    • 5 minutes: Why you are running, most important issues
    • 5 minutes: Questions from the membership
  • Whenever possible, VNA will alert members through its newsletter and website that candidates will be on the meeting agenda.
  • Candidates are encouraged to stay after the meeting to continue informal conversations with VNA members.
  • We also encourage candidates to share information about candidate forums. We will share that information with our members.

Meeting Place: Education Center, room EC004, Penn Valley Community College. 

The building is in Penn Valley Parking Lot A, in the Education Center, room EC004. map

Effective Jan. 11, 2023

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