Latest Past Events

General meeting; Vote on National Register of Historic Places

Valentine residents have spent the past several years gathering information for a historic survey of the neighborhood. The survey records the date of construction, early residents (when known) and history of every structure within the area. It also describes the creation of the neighborhood and how it changed over the years. The data has been […]


Your annual dues provide funding for this Clean Up day. Paying members are welcome to utilize two dumpsters, one for brush and one for waste, at a first come, first serve basis. Then, after tidying your own property, please join The Garden Committee in other various neighborhood beautification efforts, such a walking around Valentine and […]

Progressive Dinner

We’ve had to suspend our neighborhood progressive dinner for several years during the pandemic, but its back again this year. On Saturday, Sept. 17 we will invite neighborhood residents to dine at four different Valentine homes, beginning with one home where we’ll have appetizers, a second home where we’ll have salads, a third home where […]

Valentine Neighborhood Association

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