Christmas Eve Luminaria Lighting

We hope you have put our annual luminaria assembly and lighting on your holiday calendar. For folks who are new to the neighborhood, it is a long-standing tradition for Valentine and several surrounding neighborhoods to assemble luminaria and to line the streets with them on Christmas Eve. We get together for a party to put the candles in the bags of sand and then go back out at sunset to light them. Then, while you wait for Santa to come, you can stroll around the neighborhood which is lit by a festive glow. 

Here are the details if you can participate:

  • We’ll get together at 2 p.m. to assemble the luminaria at the home of Dana and Patti Meier, 629 W. 39th Terrace 
    • Park on the street and walk down the gravel driveway to the assembly area, in the garage
    • Assembly will take place in the garage, which offers some cover from the weather
    • Bring gloves and small tools for scooping sand
    • Food and drink will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own favorites
    • Yes, we know there is a Chiefs game at noon. We’ll have a tv showing the game available during assembly
  • We’ll then light the candles at sunset and enjoy the glow 
    • We could use several people with pickup trucks to help us distribute the luminaria after they are assembled
  • Other neighborhoods including Roanoke also put out luminaria so you might want to make it part of your tradition to take a stroll on Christmas Eve.

Luminaria Party Hosted by Dana and Patti Meier
629 W. 39th Terrace
Dec. 24, 2 p.m.

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