Results of the Focus Session 2014


We completed a focus session on Saturday, August 2 and here are the results. The full report can be found here.

The top priority was a “Joint neighborhood effort to work with Kansas City Life” which the VNA Board interprets as a “Joint Neighborhood Planning Effort.” This group will coordinate with nearby neighborhoods to develop a plan for the neighborhoods. It will work with all large property owners, not just Kansas City Life, to the extent that they want to be involved. Number two was “Increase Membership.” The main effort of this group will be to increase awareness of the VNA with new residents and area businesses. Finally, “Security” includes not only crime prevention, but also knowing who lives here and who might need special attention in case of a weather disaster or other area crisis.

If you were unable to attend the event and would like to be involved, you can contact the group leaders:

Joint Neighborhood Planning Effort
Rose Eilts – [email protected]
Pam Hoelzel – [email protected]

Increase Membership
Bonnie Bates – [email protected]

Craig Gibbs [email protected]

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