Weigh in on Valentine Redevelopment Priorities Before Jan. 28

The Valentine area has become attractive to developers and redevelopers, and the VNA board wants to make sure we are representing the consensus opinions of the neighborhood. 

Please attend the meeting at Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Uptown Theater to offer your input. 

The neighborhood developed a list of priorities in 2015 when a QuikTrip was proposed for the corner of 33rd Street and Southwest Trafficway. Our priorities included reopening the Knickerbocker, asking KC Life to divest of properties south of 35th Street to encourage single-family development there, and favoring small, non-chain commercial businesses north of 35th Street.

In order to accurately represent the views of neighborhood residents, the board would like to revisit and update these priorities. The Jan. 28 general meeting is your best opportunity to weigh in. If you cannot attend the meeting, please email us at [email protected] with your opinions.

Valentine Neighborhood: Preferences for Redevelopment

(developed in 2015 at neighborhood visioning workshop)

  1. Knickerbocker should be restored and reopened.
  2. KC Life should divest of ownership south of 35th Street.
  3. The neighborhood would support some types of mixed use development on 33rd Street and along the Trafficway around the corner, as described in the Midtown Plaza Area Plan. 
  4. The neighborhood prefers to see the area along 33th Street from Broadway to Southwest Trafficway redeveloped as a commercial area of small, non-chain businesses that will draw people north and encourage people to walk to local services and businesses. 
  5. Single family homes north of 35th Street should be sold to owners who would occupy them. We might be open to some type of redevelopment that adds housing, especially owner-occupied housing, north of 35th. We would like to see the area from 33rd to Valentine Road, from Broadway to Southwest Trafficway, developed or redeveloped with a mix of owner-occupied and rental properties fitting the current scale of the neighborhood. 
  6. We cannot support demolition of homes or buildings without knowing that plan for the lot once it is cleared.
  7. The neighborhood would like to be involved in any redevelopment process as early as possible in order to help developers ensure the success of their proposals.  
  8. We want to encourage and would support the following types of amenities: ##Gym/pool, coffee shops, restaurants, shoe repair, flower shop, candy store, UPS store, community meeting spaces, Hallmark store 
  9. We would not support big-box retail in this area. 

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