General Meeting Minutes July 28, 2021

VNA Genera Meeting, 7.28.2021, 7:00 p.m. via Zoom (rescheduled from in-person meeting at Uptown Theatre per Board vote via email morning of 7.28.2021 due to increase of area Covid infections.)

Attendees: VNA Board members: Dana Meier, Ryan King, Mary Jo Draper, Chris Jordan, Jim Martin, David Snodgrass, and Jennifer Larson; Leigh Blumenthal-director of Midtown KC Now; Neighbors: Julie T., Rose Eilts, Bob Crutsinger, Cheryl Laird, Stacey Kenyon, Emma Rea, Kayt, Randy Hite, Lauren Snodgrass, Linda McCurry


  • Welcome & explanation of return to virtual meeting – Dana Meier
  • Dumpster update 7.24.2021: filled quickly, multiple neighbors joined VNA and/or paid dues. Due to limited dates when we signed up, will be only dumpster day for 2021. Will attempt to return to two for 2022. – Dana Meier
  • Thirsty Thursday, August 19, 2021, 5:30 p.m. at the home of Dana & Patti Meier, 629 W. 39th Terr, will be held outdoors, with distancing, due to Covid – Dana Meier
  • VNA Calendar: viewable on website,, been updated with upcoming events – Mary Jo Draper
    • Dance in the Park, Saturday, 9.11.2021 in Roanoke Park: various dance performances, both professional and students, event is sponsored by surrounding neighborhoods including Valentine, volunteers needed
    • Neighborhood Clean-up, Saturday, 9.25.2021: join neighbors to pick up trash and take care of landscaping clean up in common areas: island, Washington green space, neighborhood garden
  • Safety Tech Team: neighbor-led community text groups to keep neighbors informed of safety issues. Washington St now has its own additional sub-group because of strong response from neighbors. Other blocks/streets will as well once density in those areas is reached. Sign up at       – David Snodgrass
  • Development: Uptown apartments still progressing, estimate will be finished by end of August. Chris Jordan is trying to arrange tours for neighbors. Parking garage beautification along Valentine Rd is being worked on in conjunction with the developer, possibly murals – Chris Jordan, Mary Jo Draper
  • Midtown KC Now (formerly MainCorp) introduction, Leah Blumenthal, director: brief overview of organization and mission, VNA is now a member
    • Nonprofit org that promotes community development and focuses on outreach and advocacy for neighborhoods & small businesses in Midtown
    • Operate both the Main & Broadway CID’s providing safety and cleanliness officers, provide matching grants for facade improvement on Main & mural grants for Broadway, recently completed an inventory of murals in Midtown
    • Weekly newsletter, “Midtown Weekly” & monthly/quarterly events for stakeholders, sign up and info can be found on website:
    • 40th Anniversary celebration, October 7, 2021
  • VNA 50th Anniversary, November 5 & 6, 2021: planning events that could possibly coincide with Valentine’s placement as an historic district with the National Trust for Historic Preservation – Mary Jo Draper
    • Mary Jo Draper & Chris Jordan are completing historic survey of each house in the neighborhood and will submit to the city, once complete will be presented to the neighborhood for a vote on whether to apply to become an historic district
    • Anniversary celebration will include walking tours
  • Word on the Street:
    • Shooting at 37th & Broadway, any info? – David Snodgrass emailed Officer Sanders for info & will share what he hears
    • Tire Center on Broadway, any development plans? – plans to be redeveloped into a restaurant
    • Pride street mural planned for 39th & SWT, rainbow crosswalk painted w/in the next month in conjunction with the Pride Parade which is scheduled for 8.21.2021
    • Browne’s Irish Market, present Eddie Delahunt on their brand new patio on Friday, 7.30.2021, 6:00-8:30 p.m., food and beverages for sale, support small business in our neighborhood

Submitted by: Jennifer Larson, Secretary, 7.30.2021

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