VNA Board Proposes Changes to Bylaws

The Valentine board of directors has spent the past several months reviewing our bylaws and developing a draft set of new bylaws. We have collected and studied the bylaws of other Kansas City neighborhood associations, read up on best practices in creating bylaws, and consulted Roberts Rules of Order to help us make decisions. Members will have a chance to vote on these bylaws at our annual on  meeting Jan. 25. 

In order to prepare for the vote, you can see the draft bylaws here. If you have questions or comments on the draft bylaws, email us at [email protected].

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you may send your vote on the bylaws to the VNA board at least two hours in advance of the meeting, scheduled for Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. 

Here are the major changes being proposed:

  • Membership categories have changed: The board felt that the definition of who is a member of the Valentine Neighborhood Association has not been clear in the past. Therefore, we have been more specific about membership categories. Individuals over age 18 who live within the boundaries of Valentine may become members by paying their annual dues. If a couple, family, or group of roommates pays for a membership, they become a household member. Each individual and/or household has one vote. Businesses and institutions can pay dues and designate one person as a voting member. Non-members are eligible to receive communications from the VNA, come to meetings and express their opinions on issues, but only members have a vote.
  • Added an annual meeting to our yearly schedule: Based on best practices from other neighborhoods, we have added an annual meeting in January to our schedule. Since officers are elected in October, this is a chance to hear from your new board about priorities and plans for the new year, to receive a financial report and budget for the year, and to offer your input into priorities for the coming year. 
  • Allow for voting by email: The board has expressed a hope that members will attend in-person meetings when possible. Voting on association matters will take place at those meetings, and each membership will have one vote. Since we understand that people are busy and can’t always attend in person, we have added another means of voting. Whenever possible, the board will notify members of an upcoming vote at least five days in advance via our newsletter and website. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you may send in your vote to our email address at least two hours before the meeting begins and your vote will be counted along with the votes of those in the room. 
  • Adopting our email newsletter and website as our official channels of communication: All members of the VNA are automatically signed up for the VNA newsletter, the Valentine Voice. It is considered our official form of communication along with our website. Members are responsible for updating their email address when necessary to make sure they continue to receive the email. Non-members may also subscribe to our newsletter and the website is public. 
  • Adding term limits for board members: We have adopted a limit of three one-year terms for all board members. 

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