Porchfest Porch Signup Begins

From Kathryn Golden, PorchfestKC Organizer

I’m incredibly excited that Valentine has welcomed PorchFestKC back for another year of fun and festive live music. I’m writing to ask each of you to consider hosting music on your porch — and to register NOW to do so. Applications for porch hosts open June 1st! The application is via the website — here is the porch host page


  • June 1st — porch registration begins
  • July 1st — band registration begins
  • Sept 1st — map with band/porch assignments shared
  • Oct 14th — PorchFestKC #6


  • Neighborhoods:  Valentine & Roanoke
  • Date: October 14th
  • Time: Noon to 6PM
  • Structure: Each band performs for one hour on one porch. Each porch may have between 1 & 4 bands during the day. 
  • Estimated band participation: I never know, but PorchFestKCs #4 & 5 featured 150 bands during the 6 hour timeframe
  • Musical style: All genres as long as it’s volume-appropriate. 

In response to some questions I’ve heard, I wanted to offer the following…

  • The application asks if you prefer a full day’s worth of music on your porch — or time to host AND wander as an attendee. Even if you prefer 2 hours of music over the 6 hour time — I’d love you to register.
  • Bands are matched to your porch — literally the only ask is that you allow music on your porch, music lovers on your yard, and that you provide a good-quality electrical cord/power strip for the band’s use.
  • You do NOT need to provide access to your home to anyone. I actually ask that you not. That includes no requirement that your bathroom be made available to the bands performing on your porch! Porta potties are for the bands, too.
  • You are able to request specific bands that might be family/friends. The band needs to also request to be on your porch. I will do my best to make the match.
  • Streets are not closed.
  • I do carry liability insurance for the event.

A map will be built with offered porches that best supports the flow of music — and that will keep music from overlapping (as much as possible). As such, it’s possible that I won’t be able to use every registered porch — but would ask everyone interested to sign up so the best map possible can be created. I’d love to aim for 30 porches in Roanoke.

If you have questions — ask! My email is [email protected]. I’m happy to jump on a call as well. Email me and we can set something up! 

Please, sign up NOW! Thank you in advance for registering! 

Let’s do this!

Kathryn Golden

PS. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also note that if you wish to help offset the costs of putting on this event, donations are tax-deductible, and I’m happy to share more information or discuss it further with you. Please reach out!

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