Meeting Minutes May 24, 2023

Valentine Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Held May 24, 2023, 7 p.m. at Penn Valley Community College Education Center room EC004


President Dana Meier called the meeting to order.

Guest Speakers

Kathryn Golden, PorchFestKC Organizer: Porch registration begins June 1. Golden advised residents to go to the website to register. If you have friends in a band, you should request to have them on your porch, and they should also request to be on your porch. You can either sign up to host just one band so you can walk around during PorchfestKC, or you can sign up for the whole time. The only requirements for hosts are that they clear off space on their porch and provide electricity. Only homes north of 39th Street will be eligible to host bands.  Sign up and more details

Kansas City Police Department Community Interaction Officer Charmainne Sanders: Officer Sanders said only property crimes had been reported in our sector this month. She said that Major Hernandez wants to start meeting with community groups and invited representatives from Valentine to a meeting on June 10 from 10 a.m. to noon.  She warned us that the department has responded to several “swatting” calls. In answer to a question about graffiti on SW Trafficway, members of the group said that Stan Henry at the Broadway CID might have suggestions on how to remove it. Another resident asked about long wait times on 911 calls. Sanders said if the issue is really an emergency, stay on the line until your call is answered. 

Existing Business/Updates

Investing Valentine Neighborhood Association funds: Last month, Treasurer Jim Martin said the board had discussed investing some of Valentine’s funds which are currently in a checking account, into CDS. However, he said there were some hitches in how we could do this, so he asked that we table the issue. At this meeting, Martin said he proposed investing funds every three months with Live Oak bank which is currently paying 5% interest. Jim said he also intends to discuss a money market account with the board.

Motion to allow VNA to invest fund made by Jim Martin, seconded by Mary Jo Draper

Discussion: Members asked the following questions and got these replies from Martin:

  • Will all of our savings or just some be invested? This motion calls for investment of up to $8000. Our yearly budget is $2600.
  • Why this bank? Martin said this bank offers a good rate and minimal fees, plus it doesn’t need to be a personal account. The investment is FDIC insured.
  • Will it be a hassle for the next treasurer to renew these accounts? It should not be.

Vote: unanimous aye

Update on Water Line at Triangle: Jim Martin told us that we once again received a $5000 grant for the project. He and Mary Jo have been in touch with our council and PIAC representatives asking for additional funding from the city. Martin also said he had discussed the option of putting the water spigot underground and the plumber said we could do that for about $130, which Martin suggested the VNA could pay for. He also shared his estimate that water for the area would cost us less than $250 a year.

June 10 yard sales: Valentine will join the Southmoreland, Hyde Park, Coleman Highlands and other neighborhoods for a yard sale on June 10. If you plan to have a sale, please notify the neighborhoodbefore June 1 so that we can add you to a map that can be shared.

Committee Updates

  • Development Committee: Chris reported that the Salvation Army is moving out of the neighborhood. We have filed a codes complaint against the owners of the MGE property, which has not mowed grass and weeds for several years and has let them overgrow again this year. Codes Inspector Flowers said she will contact the owners. The Westport Regional Business League is also completing public input into the new zoning overlay district. Chris Jordan is our representative. It goes to the city council for approval in June. It was also shared that Lily’s Cantina is moving to a new location. 

Word on the Street

            Word on the Street

  • Follow-up from last meeting
    • Residents at the last meeting reported that when we get severe rains, a river of water flows from the Kansas City Life parking lot. Other neighbors agreed that this had become a problem. It was suggested that we talk to KC Life about solutions. Chris Jordan suggested the board should send a letter to KC Life asking them to meet with us to discuss this. Travis said that he went out when it was raining and he doesn’t think the water is coming from the KC Life lot, but it is unclear where it originates. Jim moved that in light of that new information, we refrain from writing a letter to KC Life. 

Motion by Jim, seconded by Christy. All aye

We agreed to inform the affected residents that we had looked into the problem, and we think we need more information to address it.

  • At the last meeting, Tom Mollenkamp said the neighborhood had talked about getting street trees. Audience members said they would like a list of recommended street trees so that they could replace those that have died. It was suggested that the Heartland Tree Alliance might be able to help. (NOTE: After the meeting, our neighbor Kate Warfield shared this link to information about free trees).
  • Dance in the Park: Mary Jo said we had received correspondence from the Dance in the Park planning committee asking for our help with funding and volunteer support again this year. She communicated with them that the board has concerns about funding DITP and that, while the event began as a way to bring together residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the park, it does not seem to serve that function any longer. We agreed that we would put an item in the newsletter asking Valentine residents to get involved in the planning and/or volunteer. We have budgeted to support DITP at the $200 level this year but that could be dependent in the future on whether anyone from the neighborhood is willing to champion the event.

Next meeting: June 28, 7 p.m. Penn Valley Community College, Education Center, room EC004.


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