Fourth of July: A Limited Celebration

As we open up again after COVID 19, Valentine will hold a 4th of July parade and social hour, but will not have the usual potluck we traditionally hold. This is a short parade around the neighborhood to celebrate Independence Day. It is a great tradition in Kansas City for neighborhoods to host parades, concerts, games and picnics for the 4th. Events have varied over the years in Valentine. This year, neighbors told us they were ready to participate in a parade and outdoor socializing, but not quite ready to return to our potluck. 

If you are new to the neighborhood or have been here forever, this is a great social event for families, single folks, kids, and even dog. 

Here are the details:

  • Meet at noon for the parade. Assemble on Jefferson Street north of Valentine Road. The parade begins at noon so be there at least 10 minutes early if you plan to march in the parade. Feel free to dress for the day – traditionally Uncle Sam has joined us, and folks have often shown up in creative and elaborate costumes. Kids like to decorate their bikes for  the holiday, and some folks even decorate their dogs. 
  • The parade route is this: Starting at Jefferson just north of Valentine Road; turn east on Valentine; turn south on Pennsylvania; turn west on 38th Street. The parade ends on the block of Jefferson between 37th and Valentine. 
  • Note: The block of Jefferson between 37th and Valentine will be closed off shortly before the parade and will reopen after the social hour has ended. 
  • Stick around for a social hour afterwards. Following the parade, we’ll take a group photo for our website. Then we’ll hear from any elected officials who have joined us for the parade. You should bring your own beverage of choice and chairs if you need them. You may also bring a snack or dessert item to share, and of course if your family and friends want to bring a picnic that is great. We will not be providing the hamburgers and hotdogs the neighborhood has traditionally supplied due to COVID concerns. The neighborhood association will provide water and lemonade. 
  • A note on our ecofriendly social hour:  We are encouraging residents to bring their own cutlery, plates, silverware and glasses, depending on what they plan to eat and drink at the social hour. The neighborhood association is attempting to cut down on single-use plastic items at this and future events.

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