General Meeting, 6-23-2021

General Meeting, 6-23-2021, 7:00 p.m. via Zoom


Mary Jo Draper, Josh Parks, Ashley Rodney, Cheryl Baird, Chris Jordan, Ed & Jennifer Larson, Jim Martin, Paul Rotert, Scott Simpson, Adrian Vogel, Crispin Rea & Emma (no last name), Kayt (no last name), and Stacey Kenyon (Coleman Highlands)


  • 4th of July VNA plans: Parade @ noon, begins just north of Valentine Rd on Jefferson and then travels the usual route: east on Valentine, south on Penn, north on Jefferson, ending at the street closure between 37th and Valentine Rd on Jefferson where social hour will follow.
    • Ashley (Engagement Chair) presented info on social hour: shareable food tables-residents bring snacks, drinks have been donated. Jim Martin (Treasurer) added: Will see how it goes and may do lower-key version like this in the future rather than the potluck if it is well-received.
    • Jim reminded everyone to bring dogs and decorate bikes, wagons, etc for parade and to wear red, white, and blue/patriotic gear.
  • Secretary position: 
    • Vacancy due to Christine Gierer moving out of neighborhood.
    • Mary Jo Draper nominated Jennifer Larson. Jennifer gave bio of neighborhood involvement. Seconded by Jim Martin, nomination voted on and passed. Jennifer begins immediately to fill vacancy.
  • Return to normal activities:
    • VNA is looking forward to returning to some of our in-person social events this year
    • MJ Draper (Communications Chair) spoke on the desire to celebrate 50th anniversary of VNA in Fall, 2021, hopefully to coincide with the neighborhood’s acceptance as an historic district on the National Register of Historic Places which MJ Draper and Chris Jordan are completing.
  • Thirsty Thursdays resume: 
    • Upcoming dates are July 15, Aug 19, already have volunteers to host for those dates. TT’s happen on the 2nd Thursday of the month on a neighbor’s porch. They are byob, host often provides snacks. Volunteers needed to host for September and Firepit Fridays which will start again once it gets colder.
  • Yard Sale feedback:
    • none given, email MJ Draper if you have any comments to submit. Stacey from Coleman Highlands neighborhood shared that in the future it would be good for our three neighborhoods to try to coordinate with the Hyde Park sale to increase traffic
  • Development update: Chris Jordan (Development Chair) reported-
    • Valentine Shopping Center – VNA Development Committee met with developer, working on design elements for Phase 2 (hotel on corner of Broadway /Valentine). Discussed screening, landscaping, and made suggestions for parking. Phase 1 (apartment portion) scheduled to open end of Aug/beginning of Sept. 
    • Old MGE project-Broadway & 33rd- committee is keeping in touch with developer but not getting much info. Phase 1 (building) is moving along, no info on Phase 2 & 3 (retail & restaurant)
    • 35th & Jefferson, Mark Coco apartment buildings- delay on progress was with the city due to platting issues which are now solved. Work will resume shortly.
    • 33rd & Jefferson, KC Life building- KC Life reports that it was boarded up because of structural issues and have not decided what to do with it at this point.
    • QT at 39th & SW TRFY is officially DEAD.
  • Streetcar Tax – notification mix-up:
    • MJ Draper reported that many neighbors got notification of special property tax assessment but do not fall into the district, Kayt informed that she spoke to Eric Bunch at City Hall on 6-22 and letters will be sent out to those apologizing for mix-up. Residents who live north of Valentine on Pennsylvania do fall into the property tax assessment zone and are subject to the special assessment. To see the map of those who are included visit:   
  • Safety Committee: update and text team signup
    • David was not present to discuss but MJ Draper encouraged people to sign up.
  • “Word on the Street”
    • Crispin Rea-where do we stand on accessing city funds for sidewalk repairs? Chris Jordan & MJ Draper will look into and report back at next meeting. Link to map of sidewalk project that are already slated from city website:
    • Dumpster Day July 24th- will take volunteers to man dumpsters if anyone is interested. Two dumpsters: one for yard waste and one for trash. First come, first serve.

Submitted by Jennifer Larson, Secretary, VNA, 6-23-2021

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