General Meeting Minutes April 24, 2024

Travis Gaddis called meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

News- MKCN is having a candidate forum for prosecuting attorneys in Jackson county. Date and time to be announced.

Kathy Linder suggested we look into a landscape designer as a guest speaker. 

Treasurer update from  Adrian. We have 67 paid membership dues. Last year we had 59.

Have a $2500 CD that matures in June. Will vote then on whether to reinvest funds.

38th St Task Force- Cheryl. Had a Clean and Seen on Monday the 22nd. Picked up litter on 38th, Jefferson and Pennsylvania. Still planning to partner with Old Hyde Park for future cleanups. The Task force meeting had 8 attendees. Shell station has added lighting in back that helps. Meetings to change to 5:30 on 2nd Wednesday of the month at MKCN. Next is May 8th.

News- Janet Moss, a longtime resident who lived on Washington, passed away recently. A memorial service will be Sunday May 5th at the family home and will be a potluck.

Steve and Cassie on Washington reported that so far this year, activity at their house and yard behind the Shell was much calmer.

Garden- Travis. Still 2 unassigned plots available. They added a lock to the water spigot. The first water bill was $27+. Compost pile has been full of weeds and trash and may not keep it.

Jim- 3 people helped clean the triangle on SW Trafficway last Saturday. Jim cleaned the street closure and will get mulch for both areas. The triangle plan called for a path and looking at whether to mulch or rock/gravel it. Estimated cost $200. He will also check out the Native Plant providers for this area.

Kathy said the Discovery Center has a list of native plants for sale.

Development- Chris. Melrose Abbey received a 5 year Special Use permit, approved by the BZA. 

Travis- PIAC app for Pennsylvania traffic calming was approved. We did not receive funds for Washington Street closure PIAC app. Suggest reapplying next year.

Volker Homes Tour is Saturday May 18th.

This past Thirsty Thursday was held at Travis and Chrity’s home- thank you for hosting!

The May Thirsty event will be held at Rick and Randy’s home at 3627 Jefferson. 

Kim Kimbrough brought flier for event to be held by BWC. The general meeting will be Tuesday, May 21st at 5 PM at the Uptown and feature our council reps Crispin Rea and Eric Bunch.

The WRBL will host a Cinco de Mayo, on May 5th from 12-5 pm. There will be a salsa tasting contest.

Westport is having a raffle on May 5th for free margaritas for a year. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

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