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Valentine is one of the neighborhoods lucky enough to have Roanoke Park as our local park. Over the past decade, volunteers have been working to clear the park of non-native plants, add new features and make other improvements. Valentine board member David Snodgrass serves as our representative to the Roanoke Park Conservancy Board and keeps us informed of activities there.

At our March 27, 2024 meeting, Conservancy member Chris DeLong shared progress at the park and afterwards sent us a list of links to learn more about the restoration, how to support the park, and other sites he finds helpful. Here is his list:

Reach him at [email protected]

Be alerted to Roanoke Park work days by signing up for our email list on and selecting “I especially like hearing about:  Work Days (weeding / seeding / planting)” 

And here’s the volunteers CalTopo map of the designated “best 6 acres:”

Contact Chris DeLong at [email protected]

Social media: and

Donations to Roanoke Park Conservancy accepted via our website Donate button to write a check, or Venmo:

Our direct to paypal url needs fixing so see the attached QR instead.

Here’s the page from which you can download the Ecological Restoration Master Plan.

And a direct link to the pdf. The Ecological Restoration Plan is pages 9-21 here (it includes a report on the 2012 tree inventory at the end).

Roanoke Park Biodiversity Project.

The iNaturalist app helps you ID plants you find in the wild, with confirmation from the iNat community, some of whom are leading experts in their fields.

Trees and Trails Map. This article tells all about it with links to the map and a video explainer.

RP YouTube:

See the “Resources mentioned in video” link in the description of my seeding video for a list of species used.

For this past year’s seeding, find the list on posts about the Super Seeding Saturday event:

In comments here: or discussion tab here:

Our pages on the scourge of bush honeysuckle: and

And the scourge of wintercreeper:

We’re also fighting buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) and Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima). 

Doug Tallamy books: “Bringing Nature Home” and “Nature’s Best Hope” – I neglected to mention it but his current environmental effort is Homegrown National Park: The idea that if we all allotted part of our yards to environmental function it would be the largest National Park in the US by far. 

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