Help with Our Green Spaces

The VNA board is working to get a water line run to the triangle at Valentine and SW Trafficway. Volunteers currently have to cart water in buckets and coolers to water the plants. This can be dangerous since the streets are busy and it makes the work much more difficult. Also, the plantings often end up dying due to lack of enough water which then requires buying new plants. 

We have a quote of $7,740 to run the line and set up an account with the water department. We have applied for a $5000 grant from Community Capital Fund’s Neighborhoods Rising Fund. The grant recipients will be announced on May 6. That still leaves $2,740 that we need to get from other sources. We will also need new plants and have to pay the water bills going forward. If you would like to make a donation, you can go to the Store on our website ( and select the purple “Donate” tile.

Besides donations, if you’re interested in helping physically maintain our green spaces, please contact our neighbor Ashley Rodney at [email protected]. We believe the triangle represents the main entrance to the neighborhood and is in great need of this new effort.

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