Meeting Minutes July 26, 2023

Valentine Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Held July 26, 2023, 7 p.m. at Penn Valley Community College Education Center room EC004.

Attendance: Delois Moore, Bob Crutsinger, Dana Meier, Ana Seydel, Cassie Kester, Stephen Collins, Corie Vogel, David Snodgrass, Kelley Martin, Jim Martin, Amy Ahuja, Charmainne Sanders, Cheryl Baird, Chris Jordan, Linda McCurry, Travis Gaddis, and Mary Jo Draper. 

President Dana Meier called the meeting to order.

  • KCPD report – Officer Sanders said that, now that police are aware of suspected drug activity at 38thand Washington, they are stopping by there more often. Across Central Patrol, a large number of KIA automobiles are being stolen. There was a robbery at Gomers. KCPD plans to start having sector meetings soon. We are in 30 sector.
  • 38th and Washington Task Force Update: Cheryl Baird reported that the task force has now met twice and already participants have realized the boundaries need to be larger than 38th and Washington. About 35 people attended the first meeting, where they talked about issues. At the second meeting, participants looked at a list of possible solutions. The number one priority is that people need to call the police and/or 311 when they see problems. Since the task force began its work, there have been more police patrols and more police presence. The police have now declared the area a hot spot. The task force is putting together information on how to report problems. Major Hernandez of Central Patrol has asked to meet  with us. 
  • Water Line at the Triangle: Jim reported that the water line has been installed and water will be turned on Aug. 1. He and others are working on a plan for what comes next at the triangle.
  • Drainage issues on Jefferson: Ana said she has talked to everyone on her block about drainage issues. One house seems to be having the worst problems. 
  • Sept. 16 Progressive Dinner: Corie encouraged everyone to get involved in planning for the Progressive Dinner in September. We need four hosts to volunteer the use of their homes for the four courses. Everyone brings a dish for one course of the dinner. We charge $10 for drinks. Corie is looking for volunteers to help with set up.
  • Porchfest Update: Porchfest will be held on Oct. 14. If you have not yet signed up, contact Katheryn Golden at
  • Dance in the Park: Quint Hall reminded everyone that Dance is the Park is a neighborhood event started by Valentine, Roanoke, Coleman Highlands, Volker, and West Plaza. This year, the 24th annual Dance in the Park will be held on Sept. 9 in Roanoke Park. He encouraged people from Valentine to volunteer and to attend the event.
  • Nominating committee: Christy Gaddis is heading up the nominating committee. If you are interested in becoming a board member or if you would like to volunteer to be on the committee, contact the VNA at [email protected].

Word on the Street

  • Neighborhood Watch Signs: David attended Neighborhood Watch training and as a reward, we get six new neighborhood watch signs. Chris has a map of where signs are now located. The consensus of the group was that the signs should just read Valentine and not Valentine Neighborhood. David also said that a new idea for block watch is that everyone should know the owner of the house next door, the address of houses around them, and the color of the houses so that emergencies can be reported more easily.
  • Optum open at Valentine Shopping Center: A new fitness facility call Optum has opened in the Valentine Shopping Center. It has classes and a gym which is free to anyone over 55. The manager has been invited to speak at our next meeting.

Next meeting: August 23, 7 p.m. Penn Valley Community College, Education Center, room EC004.

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