Porchfest Update

From Kathryn Golden, Porchfest Organizer

We’re just a couple of months out on the 6th PorchFestKC, and things are coming together. We ended with slightly fewer bands than applied in year #5, with a total of 146 applicants. However, because many porch hosts asked to have time to also wander as a festival attendee, I will need to turn down more bands than ever before. I’m hoping to fit in between 130 and 135 bands with the available porches and time slots. One unique thing about this year’s applicant pool — more states than ever were represented. We have consistently had bands apply from MO, KS, IA, NE, and AR. Those all came in again this year, but we added MN, IL, OK and a couple of extra-far bands with personal connections to your Valentine neighbors. There will be performers from New Mexico and Florida performing in your neighborhood. 

For those who signed up to host music — I expect to be done with the schedule this week . If all goes as planned, I will be reaching out to each of you with your assignments. Look for that email. 

Included here is a map of where registered porches are. I may not be able to use all the porch hosts who signed up, just based on how close some of them are to other porch registrants. I’ll let you know either way — and again, thank you to EVERYONE who signed up. 

I’ve marked three things on this map: . 

  • Food truck Placement — I want to place them along 38th Street to connect Washington Street. There is a lot of participation on Washington St (Yay!), but less so on the south end of Pennsylvania, creating a hole in the map. I want to use food to draw people eastward since access to Washington is limited. I realize this will be congested and would welcome help with those street parking spots being available.
  • Porch Wish List — There are now 2 porches on Jefferson above Valentine. You can imagine that festival attendees might question if they want to walk up to see those — a decision made easier if there were 1-2 more porches closer to Valentine, as noted on the map. So just in case — I’m asking again. Please reach out if you are in that area and are open to it.
  • Traffic Control — I am hoping to hire two KCPD officers specifically to manage traffic at the two challenging intersections from before — Jefferson at 37th and 38th. 

One thing new this year that I’m super excited about — we likely will have an app! Gasp! Details to follow — 

Reach out if you have questions and look for more details to follow as we get closer to October 14th! ([email protected])

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