General Meeting Minutes 12/16/2020

Minutes VNA General Meeting  

December 16, 2020 7:00 p.m. 


Dan Meier (President), Ryan King (VP), Jim Martin (Treasurer), Christine Gierer (Secretary) 

Committee chairs – Ashley Rodney (Engagement), David Snodgrass (Safety), Mary Jo Draper (Communications), Chris Jordon (Development) 

Others (from Zoom) Linda McCurry (Pennsylvania), Kate & Josh (Jefferson St.), Holly Miller (37th St.), Tom Crane, CJ Bai, Scott Simon, Kelley Martin (Washington), Eden Olsen (Pennsylvania) 

Community Police Officer – Charmainne Sanders ([email protected]   816-759-6313 

Dana opened the meeting with a welcome to everyone and asked our community police officer, Charmainne, to give an update.  

Charmainne replaced Holly Sticken who took another position with the police force. Charmainne reported that there have been no recent policing issues in the Valentine neighborhood. She mentioned several attempted robberies on East Armour. These incidents took place between the hours of 1 pm to 4 pm, involved a black male coming up behind various young women who were approaching their apartments. The perpetrator would attempt robbery or entry to their apartment. Charmainne advised anyone in such a situation to keep keys ready in hand, tell the perpetrator they lived with a roommate.  Charmainne cautioned everyone to be on the lookout for “porch pirates” who often follow delivery vehicles and try to snatch packages soon after delivery. Charmainne reported her hours at police station as Noon – 8pm and Officer Andy Hamil’s hours as 7am – 3 pm. Call 816-759-6313 if need to speak with either of them. 

Dana gave a summary of the upcoming December 24, luminary event. He and Patti Meier will have sand, bags and candles behind their house on 39th Terrace. This will be outdoor event. People are encouraged to wear a mask, keep appropriate distance from others and bring a trowel (if you have one). There will be some snacks and beverages. You may also bring your own. 

The bag filling will start at 1:00 pm. Come anytime time. We need lots of people at various times to fill approximately 700 bags with sand and candles. Anyone with a truck is especially encouraged to assist about 5 – 6 pm with the distribution of the luminaries around the neighborhood. If you can help with luminary making, email or text Dana Meier.  

Ashley and Jim reported that 2021 is the 50th anniversary for Valentine Neighborhood. The VNA Board and Engagement committee will be brainstorming and making plans to recognize and celebrate the 50th. Anyone with ideas or with graphic/ artistic skill is encouraged to contact Ashley with ideas for design for Anniversary “swag.”  

Mary Jo and Chris Jordan gave a brief summary of the meeting in Ronauke neighborhood with the Quick Trip attorney. Basically the attorney did not share QT’s plans for development saying there were too many people in attendance at the outdoor meeting. Mary Jo asked everyone for their thoughts about QT building a new site along SW Trafficway near 38th Street and specifically wanted to know if anyone had good feelings or comments about the proposed development. She and the VNA Board want to accurately represent the Valentine neighbors’ opinions. People spoke passionately about their desire for a walkable and an environmentally respectful neighborhood and concern for traffic congestion on and around the already busy intersection of SW Trafficway and 39th & 38th.  Everyone attending this VNA general meeting was opposed to another gas station being built so near to Valentine.  Everyone is encouraged to write to Quinton Lucus, Rep. Katherine Shields, and to Councilman Eric Bunch regarding their thoughts of a QT on SW trafficway.  

Dana asked for any comments for “Word on the Street.” Topics included: 

  • What is light pole on 37th and Jefferson? – Maybe something to do with City warning siren/announcements.  
  • MGE project – no new update 
  • Avoid middle lane going North on SW Trafficway to avoid big potholes 
  • The “Writers Place”, house on corner of Valentine and Pennsylavia sold to a Valentine neighbor and his wife. It is unclear how they will use the house (single or multi family home) 

Meeting was adjourned by common consent at 8:10 pm 

Submitted by Secretary, Christine Gierer  

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