General Meeting Minutes Feb. 28, 2024


At MCC-Penn Valley

Travis Gaddis brought the meeting to order at 7:00.

Guest speaker Leigh Blumenthal from Midtown KC Now. They will be holding a luncheon at the Uptown Theater on March 28th  from 11:30 to 1:00 to discuss Imagining the Future of Broadway. Purchase tickets

Adrian gave the treasurer’s report. Current balance is $13,014. The board approved using funds from the money market , rate 2.75%, to buy a $2500 CD at Live Oak Bank at about 5.2%. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed- all approved.

Island water expenses are about $300/year. The garden water bill had been paid by KCL, and VNA to take that over. 7000 gallons was used in November and cost $78, but that was anomaly. No high usage since. Getting combo lock for spigot.

Travis- said Capital Electric was granted the temporary permit for the storage lot at 33d and SW trafficway. No fencing is required, since some neighbors in Coleman disapproved of fencing.

Chris- Melrose Abbey, 3931 Washington,  liquor license received 7 votes in favor and 4 against. The neighborhood set up meetings with eligible voters to gather information on the license. Several neighbors had concerns, including parking, supervision, hours of operation, business change of hands, and if it were to become a bar. VNA, though no vote, sent letters against the license to Regulated Industries and copied Councilmen Bunch and Rea. Letters also submitted by other neighborhoods, BWC, and WRBL.  It is up to supervisor now to determine if they receive the license if they complete all required documentation.

Jim discussed dumpsters for this year, and all voted to submit dates June 22 and October 26th. Jim will submit and let us know what dates we do get.

David reported that car windows had been broken on Pennsylvania from Valentine to 38th after a concert at the Uptown January 21st. Suggest  we be more vigilant when there are concerts, especially the hip-hop. He is meeting with Fred at Uptown about more security in the area. Also, an accident at Pennsylvania and Valentine on Feb. 10th took out the neighborhood sign on a pole. The sign portion was saved. Trying to get a police report to submit to insurance to see if we can get that repaired. Will also submit PIAC request. From Officer Lewis- watch out for Pete Lewis, homeless man in area that can be aggressive. Kia locks are still available at the police department. Shell Station on February 24th, a security officer was shot. No further details yet.

Travis- there are 10 open garden plots available. They are planning a workday in March.

Social- Whiskers Cat Café for the Valentine’s party was a success. Many attendees. Presented Stan Henry, with the BCID, the Love Award for all the effort he puts into safety ,security on Broadway and helping the 38thStreet task force.

Cheryl- the 38th Street task force will meet Wednesday, March 20th at 5:00 pm at MKCN.

Misc- Jim said trees are available and will send a link in the newsletter.

MARC- having and Aging and Resource Fair. 

The City budget is online for people to view.

The City is looking at a demolition review ordinance, especially since the Carmen building, formerly the Salvation Army building, at 101 West Linwood  suddenly had fencing and demo crews getting ready to tear it down, without proper permits. The Old Hyde Park neighborhood is against this and is working to file a historic building application to trigger a hold on the demolition.

In attendance:?how many

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm.

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