Meeting Minutes April 26, 2023

Held April 26, 2023, 7 p.m. at Penn Valley Community College Education Center room EC004


President Dana Meier called the meeting to order.

Guest Speakers

Maggie Green, Kansas City Streetcar Constructors, Update on Streetcar on Main Street: Green updated the neighborhood on the progress and future timetable of the Main Street streetcar project. She said 2023 will be the busiest year on the project. In early 2024, streetcars will begin to be tested on the line. For more information and updates, contact, tweet @buildKCSC, email [email protected] or phone the3 hotline at 816-337-1013. Here is Green’s powerpoint presentation.

Kathryn Golden, PorchFestKC Organizer: Golden reminded us that the deadline to sign up to have a band at your house is June 1. There will be about 150 bands this year and she expects 6-7000 people at attend. She is still working on parking arrangements and there will be three food trucks in Valentine and three in the Roanoke neighborhood. Sign up and mre details

Kansas City Police Department Community Interaction Officer Charmainne Sanders: Sanders said that the police department is hosting a neighborhood watch training on June 10. They are asking 2-3 representatives from each neighborhood to attend. She also suggested that anyone who owns a KIA automobile go to the dealership and download new software to prevent car theft. She also said that during the upcoming NFL draft, the police department would be stretched thin.

Leigh Blumenthal, Midtown KC Now Updates: Blumenthal reminded us of the monthly coffee and luncheon activities at MidtownKC Now. The organization is holding its annual Party in the Parking Lot of May 18. It is free but you need to register. Midtown KC Now

Water Main Installation Update: The city has notified us that replacement of the water main on Broadway will begin in May and last through February of 2024. Traffic will not be stopped. There may be water shutoffs that will last from 1-4 hours, but should only affect Broadway. We should expect more traffic than normal to pass through the neighborhood. We have asked the contractor to send updates to the VNA and we will share them when we get them. 

June 10 yard sales: Valentine will join the Southmoreland, Hyde Park, Coleman Highlands and other neighborhoods for a yard sale on June 10. If you plan to have a sale, please notify the neighborhoodbefore June 1 so that we can add you to a map that can be shared.

Existing Business/Updates

Investing Valentine Neighborhood Association funds: Treasurer Jim Martin said the board had discussed investing some of Valentine’s funds which are currently in a savings account into CDS. However, he said there were some hitches in how we could do this, so he asked that we table the issue and revisit it later. 

Committee Updates

  • Events Committee: Cori Vogel asked for volunteers to host the upcoming Thirsty Thursday.

Word on the Street

            Word on the Street

  • Terry Burns said when we get severe rains, a river of water flows from the Kansas City Life parking lot. Other neighbors agreed that this had become a problem. It was suggested that we talk to KC Life about solutions. Chris Jordan suggested the board should send a letter to KC Life asking them to meet with us to discuss this.
  • One neighbor suggested KC Life could put in greenhouses on the vacant lot where the Knickerbocker stood.
  • Tom Mollenkamp said the neighborhood had talked about getting street trees. Audience members said they would like a list of recommended street trees so that they could replace those that have died. It was suggested that the Heartland Tree Alliance might be able to help. (NOTE: After the meeting, our neighbor Kate Warfield shared this link to information about free trees).
  • Ed Blair of 3620 Jefferson said he and his partner have purchased the home and are restoring it to its original splendor. 

Next Meeting: May 24, 2023, 7 p.m. Penn Valley Community College, Education Center, room EC004.


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