Valentine Neighborhood Association General Meeting March 20, 2023

Attendees who signed in: Matt Stevens, Christy Gaddis, Cheryl Baird, Linda McCurry, Jim Martin, Kelley Martin, David Snodgrass, Dana Meier, PO Sanders, Leslie Flowers, Cecilia King, Chris Jordan, Mary Jo Draper. 


President Dana Meier called the meeting to order. 

Guest Speakers

Matt Stephens, neighborhood resident, excessive noise issues. 

Stephens handed out a set of documents. He said that, as the weather has improved and people have been opening their windows, there has been a lot of excessive noise coming from 39th Street, Broadway, Southwest Trafficway and Westport Road. He described it as “not just regular noise,” but coming from ATVs, cars modified to be extra loud, racing motorcycles, etc. He said he had looked into the noise ordinances, which were rewritten and weakened in 2016. He also said other cities use “sound cameras” which issue automatic tickets. 

Stephens suggested that residents who find this type of noise disturbing should report it both to the police department and through the 3-1-1 system. The idea is that officials will pay more attention to a cluster of reporters. Excessive noise will not be a priority at city hall if no one complains about it.

Officer Sanders said that the police department is trying to deal with the ongoing “sideshows.” She said we should call the police non-emergency number when we hear them, even though the racers will most likely be gone before the police can respond. She also clarified that the health department handles noise complaints during the day, with the police department responsible for them at night. 

Actions suggested:

  • Lobby city hall to raise fines, which are now $100.
  • Take pictures or send doorbell camera video that captures racers to the police department.
  • Also call and email Officer Sanders and Office Hamil,

Leslie Flowers, Community Engagement Specialist with the Neighborhood Services Preservation Division. [email protected], cell (816) 738-9630.

Flowers has been with the neighborhood department for eight years and now covers Valentine. 

She said her department is trying new approaches to code violations, hoping to make it easier to eliminate persistent problems such as trash, weeds and open storage, while helping those who want to comply find services to help them. She said 90% of the cases her department investigates as instigated by citizen complaints. She recommended making complaints to 3-1-1 and also contacting her with the case number and photos of persistent problems. 

Next Meeting: April 26, 2023, 7 p.m. Penn Valley Community College, Education Center, room EC004.

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