General Meeting Minutes 2/10/2021

VNA General Meeting via Zoom February 02, 2021

Attendees: Dana Meier (Pres.), Ryan King (VP), Jim Martin(Treas.), Christine Gierer (Sec.), Ashley Rodney(Engagement), David Snodgrass(Safety), Mary Jo Draper(Communication), Chris Jordan(Development), Randy Hite, Kelsey Kropp, Adam Carey, Kelley Martin, Lisa & Josh Parks, Bob Crutsinger, Amy Frish, Holly.. and others?

Guest speakers: Anna Martin and Amanda Wooley from KC Community Gardens (KCCG)

Meeting was called to order by Ryan King and the KCCG guests were introduced and gave a brief introduction of Mission and Benefits of KCCG. Anna reviewed the various programs sponsored by KCCCG and gave an overview of all they offer. Detail information can be found on website – The VNA Community Garden was built with and by KCCG. Annual plant sales start on March 1 with seed sales and plants later in March. April 3- is tomato day with sales of tomato plants continuing throughout the spring.

Safety Committee – David Snodgrass (3628 Pennsylvania) remaindered everyone to lock your parked car doors and remove any loose visible change. There have been several thefts of Catalytic converters in the area including one on Jefferson and 35th St. He reported that there has been arrest of car thieves (juveniles) at an incident near Westport. The individual who was robbing people near Armour, mentioned at our last VNA meeting, has been arrested. David reminded all that if you experience or observe an incident you need to report to the police. The number to call is 816-234-5510.

David discussed an idea of setting up a neighborhood text group to allow neighbors to text if there is a safety incident in VNA.

Development Report and Discussion – Chris Jordan gave an update on the Uptown shopping area where the new apartments are being built. There had been a development planned to build a boutique hotel on the corner of Broadway & Valentine. Due to COVID and decline in travel a plan for a hotel has been cancelled and instead the Developer has submitted a plan for an apartment building. Neighbors expressed concern about adequate parking.

Chris reported the expected completion date of the apartments currently under construction is this summer 2021. The VNA Development committee has sent a letter to the City Planning Commission expressing three concerns regarding the current apartment project:

  1. Requested streetscape to help block view of parking from the Valentine St. and it should be of good quality.
  2. Sufficient parking
  3. Landscaping on the Valentine side.

The MGE building is still in Phase one of the planned four phases. Phase one is scheduled to be completed this summer or early fall.

Quick Trip proposed project has not had any further development. Roanoke neighborhood has not received any additional contact from QT corporate office.

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