General Meeting Minutes 3/25/2021

VNA General Meeting via Zoom Wednesday March 24, 2021 7:00 pm

Attendees: Dana Meier (Pres.), Ryan King (VP), Jim Martin(Treas.), Christine Gierer (Sec.), Ashley Rodney(Events & Engagement), David Snodgrass (Safety), Mary Jo Draper(Communication), Chris Jordan(Development), Kelley Martin, Lisa & Josh Parks, Bob Crutsinger, Amy Frish, R Sexton, Eden Olsen,Tom, Rose Eilts, Aden Eilts, Scott Simpson, CJBai, and others?
Guest speaker: Amanda McGee of 39th Street Community Improvement District (CID)
Police liaison: Officer Charmaine Sanders

VNA President, Dana, started the meeting at 7:00 pm introducing guest speaker, Amanda McGee.

Amanda McGee provided information about the origin of CIDs created by Missouri legislation. There are now 76 CIDs in KC metro. Each CID has different missions, different durations, and different boundaries. Largely supported by designated sales tax or property tax or a combination of both, CIDs have become funding mechanisms for the community in which they exist. Each CID operates under the direction of their specific Board. A CID Board must have community members and business leaders from within the boundaries of their CID. The 39th Street CID includes over 130 business owners as members and revenues are from a 1⁄2 cent sales tax. Funds are used for infrastructure for the property within the boundaries, examples include sidewalk improvements, tree planting, and lights for pedestrians. CID Boards serve as key players in urban planning for the specific. More information about CIDs can be found on website

Officer Charmaine gave a update on crime activity and homeless issues in the metro area. In the past month, there have been no crime incidents in the Valentine neighborhood. There was a non-fatal shooting at the Alcazr Apartments. This incident was drug related. She cautioned neighbors to be vigilant and alert for a young man, recently released on parole, who had been charged with entering apartments of woman in the SW Trafficway & Westport road area. Charmaine reported the police would be talking to the homeless population currently living in tents on the corner piece of land on SW Trafficway and Westport Rd. Police first offer tent residents outreach services, before taking action to disperse the tent community.

Events & Engagement – Ashley praised everyone for being respectful of social distancing, vaccinations, and not getting too eager to have in-person events during this continued pandemic. She said the calendar on the Valentine Neighborhood website has been updated and she will continue to add items of interest on the calendar throughout the year. Some neighbors have asked about restarting the “Thirsty Thursday” events which were on the 3rd Thursday of the month prior to the pandemic. No official start date for these Thursday has been decided. Ashley, personally, advised everyone to use caution if hosting or gathering and to be sensitive to individuals’ level of sensibility on the public gatherings. Zoom participants shared the following ideas of when VNA could start in person events:

  • Jackson County reaches 50% of population vaccinated
  • City Health Department guidelines permitIt was generally decided that everyone would keep talking about what makes sense, remain cautious, and stay flexible.The dumpster day for VNA is scheduled for July 24th and May 22nd will be considered a community spring clean up day (neighbors are encouraged to take on a little clean-up activity in their area).Garden Committee – Ryan King reported that most of the people who rented a plot last year had renewed for this year. There are plots available for other people. To sign up go to [email protected]. There is a brief description of rules and a short survey to be completed. The official “opening day” of the garden this year is April 3. The Committee will be available during April 3 to talk to people in the garden. Wear your masks!Development Committee – Chris Jordan gave an update on the Uptown Lofts ( 223 units) and shopping area. The schedule for renting these apartments is sometime in 2022. The Development Committee will take a hard hat tour of the


Uptown Lofts project near the end of April. There had been a development planned to build a boutique hotel on the corner of Broadway & Valentine. Due to COVID and decline in travel a plan for a hotel has been cancelled and instead the Developer has submitted a plan for an 84-unit apartment building.
There has been no further word from Quick Trip regarding QT proposing a site on SW Trafficway.

Safety Committee – David Snodgrass reported the project to form text team leaders and text groups for neighbors to share information about safety concerns or issues in underway. Check out if you are interested in being a text team leaders or to subscribe.

If you have feedback, feel free to email David at [email protected]

There were no comments for News on the Street.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. Respectively submitted,
Christine Gierer, VNA Secretary

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