General Meeting Minutes: July 30th, 2019

VNA Quarterly Meeting

7 pm, 7/30/2019

Uptown Theatre, Encore Room

  1. Upcoming board elections
    1. Several board positions will be opening this fall. Elections will be held at the next Valentine quarterly meeting, on Tuesday, October 29. 
    2. Please volunteer if you are interested in joining the board in any position. You can do so by e-mailing [email protected].
  2. Development updates
    1. Uptown shops – Lauren Davis, architect of the project
      1. Gym KC will move to ground level, allowing for covered parking in the lower level.
      2. Ground level – Gym KC, retail space, and bank at northeast corner. Existing parking will be maintained.
      3. Second floor level – current parking will be maintained, with some apartment units over the bank
      4. Third floor level – residential units, swimming pool/terrace, dog park
      5. Levels 4-6 – typical apartment units
      6. Typical units: studio (500 sq. ft.), 1-bed (720 sq. ft.), 2-bed (975 sq. ft.)
      7. vii.Construction mobilization plan – attempting to keep the Gym KC open during construction. Second-level parking will be temporarily closed while the ramp is being rebuilt.
        1. Question: How will this lot closing (with about 120 parking spaces) impact the neighborhood during Uptown Events?
          1. Answer: Looking into a valet parking option. Also working on securing off-site parking locations (the city has approved plans to contract with the Salvation Army for its lot but waiting for final approval from Salvation Army). Attempts will be made to make underground parking more available (blocked off) for Uptown customers during events, but there will likely be some additional pressure on parking in the neighborhood.
        2. Question: What is the timeline for the project?
          1. Answer: 20 months. Completion date- 4/15/2021
        3. Question: What are the changes that have occurred with the dedicated retail space?
          1. Answer: Eliminated over 20,000 square feet. Eliminated 5 units up top to move club house there, which means more units moved to the ground floor. 11,000 square feet will be set aside for retail.
        4. Question: Who will manage the building?
          1. Answer: First Management, from Lawrence. This is a building management partner with several other projects this developer has built.
      8. viii.Phase II – adding a hotel. Trying to secure Moxy by Marriott. This planning is still in early stages.
        1. Question: Any chance retail space may be included in the hotel plan so that this project can also benefit the neighborhood, given the reduction of retail space in Phase I?
          1. Answer: Have not begun discussing this but will consider it. The hotel may have a set plan for the building and will have final say on this.
        2. Question: In working with developer, have you consulted with Midtown KC Development Plan, which requires maintenance of retail space along Broadway Blvd? This could conflict with plans for replacing ground-floor retail space with additional units. With incoming city council, consulting the Midtown KC Development Plan would be prudent.
          1. Answer: Still in early stages of development, so we have not addressed this yet, but we will look into it. Construction will be carried out in phases in such a way that exterior of building will be constructed first, while interior spaces may still see some changes.
    2. MGE, becoming the Midtown Plaza Building
      1. 4-5 years ago, a plan for this project was presented to the VNA and also approved by the city.
      2. Phase I currently underway – redoing main building
        1. 107 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. 80% done with interior demolition of building.
        2. Every unit will have some outdoor space; many will have a recessed balcony, which are currently under construction.
        3. According to building schedule, first residents will be able to move in July 2020.
        4. Considering construction of outdoor space to the south.
      3. Phase II – apartments, retail space, event space, all in the parking lot.
      4. Phase III – townhouse-style condos along Pennsylvania Ave.
      5. Questions and concerns can be sent to Mary Jo Draper, who will pass them on to the developer.
      6. Question: Road closures during construction?
        1. Answer: Yes, some parts of Washington (already considered private) will be impacted.
      7. vii.Question: How long will the overall construction project last?
        1. Answer: Staggered process, as residential building will help fund subsequent projects. Overall, about 5 years.
      8. viii.Question: Will townhouses be built on spec?
        1. Answer: Not sure yet. Previous phases will tell how subsequent phases ought to be handled/funded.
      9. Question: How will property/landscaping be maintained during construction?
        1. Answer: Landscaping issue has been resolved; will be maintained. Exterior security cameras in operation to deter graffiti.
  3. Dance in the Park update – Joe Hall
    1. The show is free and relies entirely on grants, donations, and volunteers. 
    2. Volunteers needed 9/5-9/8. A call for volunteers and contact link were included in the most recent VNA newsletter. Needs: stake setup on 9/5; directing traffic at road barriers; watch stage before security guards arrive.
    3. Planning and fundraising meetings are underway.
    4. Contact Joe if you’d like a yard sign.
    5. Contact Joe if you know of a business that might like an ad spot or to post an event flyer. The event’s Facebook group has already reached 36,000 people. 
    6. Funding from the city’s tourism board is down, so they are asking neighborhoods to donate $500 this year. 
  4. KCPD Community Liaison – Holly Sticken
    1. No major updates. Low crime in this area this quarter.
      1. 3 outside disturbances around 4th of July
      2. Over the past month- 1 vehicle broken into, a couple of property damages.
      3. Someone has complained about the traffic on Washington St. near the dead end. Holly will send colleagues to observe and give feedback.
      4. Shooting on Sunday 7/28 near active carwash on 39th St. between SW Trafficway and Pennsylvania – no report filed. Holly will do some investigating and give updates. Officers would have collected gun casings and inquired at hospitals. KC19056483 is the report number.
    2. is a great resource to get up-to-date information on events taking place in a specific area over various periods of time. If you have questions or want more information, you can e-mail Holly or Andy. They can give us limited information, depending on what they are permitted. Their contact e-mail is included at the bottom of all e-mails from the VNA.
    3. Question: Why is the police department not doing the stats?
      1. Answer: New report writing system, as of April 2019. The programmers are updating and adjusting the system, particularly with regards to neighborhood parameters. This issue will likely be resolved soon (in the next month?), per Chief of Police request.
    4. Planning an event in Roanoke, likely combining with other city services. Seeking feedback on what residents might be looking for. More information on this forthcoming.
    5. Know a coffee shop in the area what wants to do a Coffee with a Cop program? If so, reach out to Holly.
    6. Fire Department now has a community outreach person.
  5. Events updates
    1. Thirsty Thursday
      1. Let us know by email if you are interested in hosting August T.T.
      2. September, October, and November hosts are already scheduled.
    2. Progressive Dinner
      1. Saturday, September 14th.
      2. Two more volunteers for salad and main course. Please contact VNA by 8/15. Once hosts are determined, we will move on with other event details, such as signing up for potluck dishes.
      3. Question: Is there a way to make it more green? Bringing your own silverware, wine glasses…
        1. Answer: Bring own items that might replace disposable plastic products. We will see how this process goes this year and refine the practice for next year.
    3. Fall Dumpster Day – Saturday 10/26
  6. Eric Bunch – incoming city council member 4th district at-large
    1. Just wanting to keep in touch with neighborhood, always interested in answering questions.
    2. Contact: [email protected]
  7. General question: Whose responsibility are the green spaces at entrance to the neighborhood (SW Trafficway @ Valentine)?
    1. Answer: That’s the neighborhood’s responsibility. This is something we can discuss further.
  8. General question: Any update on the Writers’ Place?
    1. Answer: It was sold about two months ago, but no new updates otherwise.

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