Meeting Minutes: April 30th, 2019

Valentine Neighborhood Association
Quarterly Meeting

Upcoming Events:

Thirsty Thursday May 16
o Jefferson St. (location will be emailed week of event)
o Still need host volunteers for September and October. Please e-mail Krissy if you are interested.

Porchfest KC Updates, Pre-Event Clean Up
o Visitors from the metro KC area and beyond will be attending, so neighbors are encouraged to make sure their properties are clean
o Reminder: porch hosts need to turn in their waivers to Carie
o Krissy has social media images and printed flyers that neighbors can circulate to promote the event.
o Need volunteers to work at info tent, work at merchandise table, and collect trash
– sign-up sheet available at meeting
o Krissy has yard signs that interested neighbors can pick up

Saturday, May 25th is spring dumpster day
o Yard waste and refuse dumpsters
o This is a service for dues-paying members. You can pay online or at the dumpster, if you still need to pay your dues.
o Typically, dumpster is available at 6 or 7 am.
o We will need volunteers to monitor the dumpster throughout the morning.

Progressive Dinner Moved to September 14th
o Potluck dinner that moves from house to house for each course
o Need volunteers for the first 4 courses. To sign up, please e-mail Krissy.
o Will circulate sign-up sheet for bringing dishes as we get closer to the event.

Any Interest in a Neighborhood Yard Sale in June?
o Yes, there is interest, but it would be helpful to coordinate with other
neighborhoods’ similar events (like Volker, Coleman Highlands)
o Might help to get a food truck to come?
o Drew & Bonyen: will send out an e-mail to ask for a volunteer to chair this, discuss dates, etc.
o Drew: June 8th or 15th might be good dates, as they are not too close to 4th of July.

4th of July
o Street closure on Jefferson. We will have a potluck street festival.
o VNA supplies beer, lemonade, and meat. Neighbors are asked to bring a dish to share.
o There will be a contest for best side dish and best dessert.
o Children’s parade around 11am, lunch around noon
o Email with more details will be circulated closer to the event date

Development & Construction Updates:

Sewer Work between Pennsylvania and Jefferson
o Between Jefferson and Pennsylvania, from 37th to Valentine (sewer lining properties) – sewer being relined.
o No additional details at this time.

MGE Building Construction Starting Soon
o Phase I – apartment units on bottom floor of existing building
o Phase II – restaurant built in parking lot
o Phase III – new apartment building erected in parking lot
o Phase IV – townhouses facing Pennsylvania
o Chris Jordan will circulate more details as they come out.

Uptown Lofts/Shoppes Update
o Plans revised, based on cost analysis
o Height dropped from 7 to 6 stores, as 3rd level (parking), 15 units, and 16,000 sq ft of retail space eliminated.
o 680 parking spaces for units and Uptown Theatre
o Planning on lease option for Uptown parking, on the other side of Broadway Blvd (potentially at Salvation Army parking lot)
o Revised plan is currently in process of approval with the city
o In 2-3 weeks, developers hope to have revised plan and timetable for construction and completion to present to the neighborhood.

Westport Plan-No Updates

Complete Streets Overview
o Proposal: change Broadway to one lane each way, with center turn lane, and bike traffic.
o VNA Board has written letter to the city to suggest traffic study and
implementation of traffic calming measures within Valentine neighborhood to alleviate any additional traffic this plan may divert into the neighborhood.
o Linda McCurry – suggestion for other neighbors to contact city council
representatives, if they have strong feelings regarding this change.
o As VNA Board has more details, they will be circulated via e-mail.

Historic Inventory of Neighborhood
o If you see folks walking around the neighborhood, taking pictures, that is likely what they are doing.
o Please contact Mary Jo Draper, if you have any historic information regarding your home.

Miscellaneous Items:

Robert Westfall: Candidate for 4 th District At-Large: Any issues neighbors have not heard on the campaign trail yet?

Street diet concerns with Broadway and traffic calming measures in Valentine neighborhood
Pet shelter facilities. Proposal to have KC Pet Project take over Animal Control. Complaint about how Animal Control currently operates, without compassion.
Rampant developments in ad hoc, non-strategic way. Specifically, Opus has not been open with answering questions. (Westfall: there is a proposal in the works that would require developers to interact more meaningfully with communities –specific types of meetings, listening periods, etc.)
Feelings about focus on development downtown, versus midtown neighborhoods? How do we define whether projects are a success? City should consider how to promote development without tax incentives.
o Regulations can be treated as guidelines
o Issue of maintaining affordability of housing as developments aim for luxury status
o Transportation – streetcar focus north-south from one entertainment district to another. Exacerbates segregation of the city and does not alleviate issues that public transportation should address. Would love to see a more practical solution to transportation needs, particularly for residents who do not work 9-5 jobs and for people may be coming from outside the city.
o Multi-modal transportation. More safe and convenient bike routes, close to other transportation options. Better to incentivize non-auto traffic. Additional questions or concerns can be sent by e-mail to: [email protected]

From the audience:
 The Pitch’s Taste of KC event, 7pm on May 16th (after Thirsty Thursday event)
o $10 discount to neighbors who sign up.
 Question: who is developing properties on Armour?
o Drew: Not sure. Chris Jordan may have details.

Next quarterly meeting on July 30th at Norman School Lofts

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