General meeting Notes July 28, 2020

July 28th, 2020

20 attendees 

KC Street Car 

Tom Gerend – Executive Director of KC Street Car Authority 

  • KC Street Car Authority is continuing the long time plan of connecting Union station to UMKC
  • At this point, 60% of design is to completion 
  • The environmental design is complete
  • This is funded through a multi-year federal grant program 
  • $330,000,000 dollar project cost with $170,000,000 from federal sources
  • Street car stops will look like downtown stops but slightly upgraded and modernized 
  • Construction starting in 2022, spanning to 2025
  • Long road. but optimistic 

Q. Have you acquired all the property that you need?

A. We pretty much have. All lanes will be on the existing main streets and corridors 

Q. Is there any chance we won’t get the federal funding

A. this funding is a program that has been in place for 20 years with strong bipartisan support. this project is at the top of the list, with local representatives strongly vying for it. Our biggest risk is not continuing to support our local government officials who support this project. We have a high degree of confidence in the team in place and work we have.

Q is there anything VNA can do to support you?

A. continue to reinforce through conversation with you district reps that this is important to you. 

Q. Construction is over a three-year period, how will that be done?

A. There will be waves. Water will come first. This will likely take the bulk of the time due to depth and severity. Then will come the phased streetcar. We’re taking into consideration keeping as many businesses and roads open as possible throughout this process. 

Alex Miller – Heading communication for Street Car Authority 

  • KC Water project will start late this year
  • KC Street Car Authority is still selecting the contractor for the water project. Once that contractor is selected, the schedule will be more clear. 
  • Happy to attend our meetings on a monthly basis to give updates. 
  • KC Street Car Authority is creating a project hotline and interactive website to share highly detailed communication about the street car! Stay tuned around the middle of August. 
  • Check out for maps and animation.

Q. When will taxes kick in? 

A. Based on the schedule, the earliest we anticipate that the taxing districts will go into play will be in early 2021 – may slide to 2022 if funding is pushed back.

Q. Is there a way to see which residents will be affected by that tax?

A. There is a map online at and you’re absolutely welcome to reach out to me (Tom Gerend) for specific questions. 

“Word on the Street”

Q. Has anyone talked about the tall grass at 3415 Pennsylvania?

A. Leslie Flower is the inspector listed for that parcel. Chris has contacted her and she is getting back to her on if either the project manager or the city can do this during Covid. 

Q. Would it do any good to make more 311 complaints about this?

A. When you go online to 311, the city makes a mark on that area so it doesn’y exactly compound but if you call, this may generate more attention. When you call, you need to site the official address which is 3430 Broadway

Officer Holly 

Q. Any updates on crime?

A. You’ve only had 2 stealing from autos, 1 burglary, all unrelated

If you ever need, call Non-emergency line: 816- 234-5111, 

Q. Why are federal agents here, what are they doing, when are they leaving?

A. KCPD can’t speak to this. Her understanding is that they’re here as added support on investigations and KCPD will go on as usual with their work. 

Update by Development committee

  • We had a development meeting committee on the 22nd with 16 attendees. 
  • A more detailed report will be shared in the next newsletter but essentially this was a check-in with the community with what they would like to see happen in our neighborhood, particularly more ownership versus rental properties, ideas for vacant spaces, possible historic designation, KC life ownership, preventing deterioration, anti-big box development efforts, etc. 
  • Please see the development tab on our VNA website. 

Q. Why is the Knickerbocker taking time to be knocked down now that it’s started?

A. The reason it’s happening in phases is that they’re making efforts to salvage the bricks. 

Community Garden update

  • Gardens are looking great! 
  • We have our own dedicated hydrant in the middle of the garden now
  • We have a bee hive coming! 
  • Our donation plots are continuing to donate produce to World Charter School

Events Committee 

  • Still holding off on events due to Covid 
  • Still on for the Dumpster day Sept 25th

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