General Meeting Notes June 23, 2020

VNA General Meeting – Zoom

Tuesday, June 23, 7PM

18 attendees 

Officer Holly Stricken 

  • Have there been any changes in changes with what people have been getting into trouble with? 

            – Still in the stages of recovering from changes due to Covid

            – Activity increases as businesses start opening up 

            – 3,000 BLM protesters expected to march to WW1 memorial Sunday 

            – KCPD making sure destruction of property will be kept under control 

            – Look out for a white Audi and black pick-up truck looking to steal cars

            – crime rates in our neighborhood are not spiking at all 

            – No further questions for Holly from our attendees 

Financial Report

            – Tracy verbally sent thanks to KCPD for their efforts

            – VNA has very little expenses due to COVID standstills 

            – Total Balance $14,649.00

Event Planning

  • Alternatives to traditional 4th of July activities

            – Porch and yard decorations welcomed

            – poll to be posted on our Facebook page for prize (Kelly Martin suggested a Qualtric poll to allow for open ended answers)

            – We’re inviting Coleman Highlands and Roanoke Park, who are doing car parades to drive through our neighborhood too

  • Dumpster Day, Sept 26, Saturday (Jefferson & Valentine Road)

            – members may use both landfill and yard waste dumpsters, non-members    can pay membership dues of 30 on that day at the dumpster

Community Gardens Update

  • Six plots being used for fresh produce donations
  • KC life is still putting a waterline and dirt perimeter down
  • Jim Martin said KCCG is going to put a sticker on our sign for recognition
  • Question to ask about plot waste placement – Dana will ask Ryan about creating a waste bin/compost bin
  • Desire for organizing a produce swap 

Word on the Street – your chance to share ideas, ask questions and suggest topics for upcoming meetings

  • Jennifer Larson brought up the idea of “Porch Portraits” If anyone knows of a photographer who may do this for a nominal fee, please contact her.
  • Request to organize/provide a neighborhood notary resource to promote mail in voting for the primary – deadline July 22nd

            – Dana is a notary and thinks this is a great idea

  • Noise issues reported with Norman School Loft without positive responses. Ask for VNA to reach out to them to remind them of posted hours of 10AM-9PM. 
  • Chris Jordan suggested VNA sending a letter to Normal School Loft to take pressure off of direct neighbors, Jennifer will send to Dana.
  • Leslie has been calling the police on them because property manager has suggested that solution instead of Norman School Lofts addressing it themselves
  • Holly Stricken chimed in to say she will reach them
  • Might be good to let their insurance company know of this
  • Jim Martin brought up auto theft again. Officer Holly Stricken responded that it’s under the radar of the KCPD and to please make reports even if suspected so that they can tap into surrounded business cameras to track movement.

Development Committee 
            – Mark your calendar: Wednesday, June 22, 7-8 p.m. to give input on Valentine       development and redevelopment, will go over basics of history and current development         projects, revamping 2015 list of areas of improvement 

  • Jim Martin asked if we’re doing anything with the “KC Playbook.” No, we’re not, but individuals are encouraged to log onto the KC website and submit ideas to this newly revamped strategic plan that invites residents to participate in desired developments. City planning department is now updating this and need our help. Contact Mary Jo([email protected]) or Chris Jordan ([email protected]) to get onboard. 
  • Knickerbocker had a fire on the most eastern end and deemed it a dangerous building on 5/21. Still in assessment process of what’s going to happen next. 
  • Approximately another year and a half of construction at Uptown Shoppes.
  • Desire for a roundabout at Pennsylvania and Valentine. We can apply again but we’ve applied for this before and we’re rejected. 
  • If anyone has an idea of a project that may receive PIAK funding, email Chris Jordan ([email protected]). 
  • Kathy Linder will follow up with KC Water about how the neighborhood could pay for water on the triangle 

New Neighbors!

  • Scott Simpson – 3618 Pennsylvania 
  • Emma and Crispin Rea -3627 Jefferson St
  • David and Lauren Snodgrass – 3628 Pennsylvania
  • Megan Black – 3518 Jefferson St

Next meeting = Tues July 28th 7PM Zoom

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