General Meeting Notes Aug. 25, 2020

Valentine Neighborhood Association

August 25 Neighborhood meeting 

Tuesday – 7pm

Zoom Attendees: 19

  • Eric Bunch – 4th district councilperson
  • Son, Liam, who attends Citizens of the World joined and said hi! 
  • Eric’s focus is on health, safety and pandemic response 
  • At this time, there does not seem to be a sign of another Covid lockdown from the Mayor’s Office. No choice on this is easy.
  • Considering the education achievement gap, Bunch is proud of KCPS thoughtfully considering all options and resources 
  • On our way to receiving a good chunk of our Cares Package – long overdue and thankful
  • Another major topic has been on public safety and the rise of violence in KC. Eric feels that we need an oversight committee, local control, that is autonomous from the police dept to make sure we aren’t investigating ourselves. 
  • Resolution Bunch puts forward would be to commit to a local control of our KCPD regardless of the process, public or statewide.  There was a watermain break at public hall today which postponed this initiative for another few weeks. 
  • Touched on the loss of the Knickerbocker. Hopes for a better relationship moving forward with KC life and how we can better partner for the future. 
  • Streetcar expansion is getting huge grant from Federal Transit Association, announced today, accelerating the project quite a bit!
  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out to or legislative aide Crissy Dastrup at 816-513-6517 for any questions or concerns
  • Q. How will cares act be delegated? A. Mainly will be dispersed to health department, but some to school district and homelessness. Fingers crossed for another round of funding! 
  • Q. Will there be any room for funding towards local businesses? A. Yes, see:
  • Officer Holly or Andy – speeding motorcycles on SW Trafficway on weekends/nights
  • Q. Can we get more support of motorcycle speeding? A. You can call it in but these cyclists know that they can speed away and officers are not allowed to chase them due to increased danger. Reminder: it is not illegal to ride your loud motorcycle. We used to mail them speeding tickets, but they often get dismissed. Be aware of helmetless drivers.
  • Q. Are wheelies legal? A. Yes. It’s scary, but yes. 
  • Q. Any recommendations about catalytic converters being cut off? A. Make sure your car is parked in a well-area, but unfortunately, it only takes a couple of minutes to cut that out and walk away. You’ve had 9 car thefts recently. Take things out of your vehicles! Leave nothing in your car and lock them. 
  • Contact Holly at 816-7596313
  • Dumpster Days – Saturday September 26 8am at Jefferson & Valentine road
  • Neighborhood cleanup on Sept 26th – Ashley
  • Hoping to do a little garden bed dig/clean out of the triangular area at Valentine and Southwest Trafficway. – Please show up at the Valentine sign with your gloves and shovels around 9AM!
  • Word on the Street – General input

–  Concern with the demolition of the Knickerbocker exposing asbestos. Letter sent to KC Life called health department. Unsure what to do now/how to follow up.  

–  There was a post on the building about two weeks before the demolition.

– No response from KC Life other than spraying down their site with water. VNA suggests reaching out to Eric Bunch at

–  Keep your eyes out for a White guy, grey Dodge truck, looking suspicious, looking into houses 

  • Financial Report (Tracy Anderson)
  • Zero transactions. Blame Covid!
  • Events (Patti & Barb)
  • Desire for a neighborhood notary event.
  • Do not sign your document until in front of the notary!
  • Bring your ID and text any of the following neighbors to get notarized:

Rose @913-269-7886  (3623 Pennsylvania), Dana @ 816-645-3507, or Chris @ 816-665-0493

  • Sept 26th Dumpster Day at Valentine and Jefferson. One for trash, one for yard waste. Pay your dues now or at the dumpster on the day of collection
  • Neighborhood Clean Up on Dumpster Day – Please show up at the Valentine sign with your gloves and shovels around 9AM!
  • Membership (Linda McCurry

– Just put out a paper distribution to specifically invite neighbors to joining the mailing list and focus on renters being a part of our neighborhood association! 

– Despite the recent distribution you may have just received in your mailbox, if you request for a mail in ballot, it MUST BE MAILED BACK. NOT DROPPED OFF. – confirmed by Eric Bunch. 

  • Community Gardens (Ryan King) – what is a community garden
  • There are different types of community gardens, donation based, HSA style, etc. Ours is individually “rented” plots.   
  • Please take a walk past our gardens, they’re growing beautifully.
  • No news on insurance-related information
  • Our donation beds are a little overwhelmed. Please contact to help with maintenance! 
  • Development (Chris and Mary Jo)
  • See website posting on updates
  • Group poll on development updates: IN FAVOR
  • Q. Any contact on grass at 35th and Penn? A. Zero. Blame Covid. Bunch will follow up with property manager, resolution this week. Tires dumped this week too.  You can call and nag the project manager for MGE @ 913-671-3300/

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